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At Clear Pacific Capital, we understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique. That’s why we offer self-declaration loans, providing a flexible and accessible financing solution tailored to your needs.

Self-declaration loans, also known as low-doc or alt-doc loans, are designed for individuals who may not have all the traditional financial documentation required for a standard loan. With these specialized loans, you have the opportunity to declare your income and financial status in a straightforward manner, streamlining the application process and opening doors to financial opportunities.


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Our expert team has extensive experience in navigating the intricacies of self-declaration loans. We work closely with our clients to understand their financial objectives and ensure a smooth and transparent loan process.

Whether you’re a self-employed individual, a freelancer, or have complex financial circumstances, our self-declaration loans offer a flexible and convenient path to homeownership and investment.

We can help you with personalized loans

The Clear Pacific Capital Advantage and Benefits

Empower your financial journey and take control of your future. Speak to our team today to explore your options and secure the loan that suits your needs best.

Tailored Solutions: We assess your unique financial situation and provide personalized self-declaration loan options to match your needs.

Streamlined Process: Say goodbye to unnecessary paperwork and red tape. With Clear Pacific Capital, the loan application process is efficient and hassle-free.

Expert Guidance: Our dedicated team of mortgage and financial experts will guide you through every step, answering your questions and ensuring you feel confident in your decision.

Our mortgage company is committed to providing expert guidance and tailored solutions, helping you navigate the path to homeownership with ease and confidence.

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