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Clear Pacific Capital Financial Planning: Your Path to Financial Security

What We Provide

At Clear Pacific Capital, your financial success is our shared priority.

Budget & Cashflow

Managing your finances efficiently is vital, and we can help you achieve just that. With the aid of cutting-edge software, we'll assist in drawing up a budget.

Self Managed Superfunds

Explore the significant advantages of a self-managed super fund (SMSF) over traditional retail or industry super funds. If this structure proves beneficial, we will support you in establishing an SMSF.

Retirement Planning

A financially secure retirement is within reach with a well-designed strategy. Our expert planning advice will guide you seamlessly through the transition from working life to retirement, helping you achieve your ultimate retirement goal. At Clear Pacific Capital, your future is our priority.

Debt Management

Debt can be a powerful tool for building wealth when managed efficiently and maintained at a sustainable level. Our expert will guide you on structuring and settling your debt.

Risk Insurance

Protecting what matters most to you and your family is paramount. Our experienced advisers will find the optimal insurance coverage to safeguard your lifestyle, providing you with peace of mind during circumstances.


Stay informed on all the latest superannuation rules and regulations with our comprehensive updates. A well-planned superannuation strategy, tailored to your life stage, will play a critical role in achieving your retirement goals. At Clear Pacific Capital, we are dedicated to securing your financial future.


Our approach to managing your investments is rooted in evidence-based principles. By collaborating with industry leaders in investment markets, we offer custom portfolios.

Structure & Tax Planning

The impact of taxes on your overall wealth cannot be overlooked. Our experienced team provides guidance on choosing the right tax structure and optimizing your tax strategy to maximize your financial gains.

Estate Planning

As your life evolves, estate planning becomes critical to safeguarding your family and assets. We assess potential gaps in your estate plan and recommend solutions aligned with your wishes and asset protection needs, while optimizing your tax situation. your financial prosperity are our top priorities.

Six Simple Steps

At Clear Pacific Capital, Your Journey with an Adviser.



You share your needs, and we create a tailored proposal defining the scope of advice to assist you effectively.



Together, we identify your short- and long-term financial goals, setting the foundation for your personalized strategy.



We assess your current financial situation, taking into account your assets, liabilities, and existing insurance policies.



Using the gathered information, we craft a  strategy to help you achieve your financial objectives, both in the short and long term.



Sit back as we handle the implementation of your financial plan, bringing in additional professionals, like solicitors and accountants.



Your financial journey doesn’t end there. We regularly review your progress to ensure you stay on track, adapting your plan.


Obligation free financial planning consultation

Our mortgage company is committed to providing expert guidance and tailored solutions, helping you navigate the path to homeownership with ease and confidence.

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